Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Phantom Buses At KLIA (KLIA的鬼巴士)

KL International Airport is located in Sepang, Selangor. Not many people know that there are some phantom buses roaming between the airport and KL city or somewhere in the vicinity.

This story is told by my former German colleague, Andrew. Andrew was an expatriate sent to Malaysia to help setup a factory in Kulim Hi-Tech Park. Since he has a 5 year contract in Malaysia, Andrew planned to bring his family over to Kulim to have a short stay after his working condition is stabilized.

After struggling on factory works for two years, the factory had successfully started production. At this point, Andrew though of bringing his wife and two kids to stay in Malaysia; so he made some arrangements and finally everything is ready. On the designated date, Andrew decided to fetch his family personally from KLIA so that he could bring his family to visit KL and places around it before returning to Kulim.

It was just about 1am when Andrew and his family exited the KLIA arrival hall. As Andrew was driving towards KL city where he had booked a hotel suite for a few days, he would point at certain landmarks along the way to his kids and wife and start feeding them with information. Well, none of them in the car was about to fall asleep for sure due to excitement anyway. Talking would drive away tiredness too.

At first Andrew was driving at the back of 5 tourist buses in a row when they left KLIA. After driving for 10km or so, Andrew decided to overtake the buses as it was quite late and tomorrow would be another long day.

As Andrew’s car overtook the first bus, he habitually looked at the bus he was overtaking. To his surprised, he found that the bus body was sort of transparent and he could see passengers in the bus. Even those bus passengers looked sort of transparent too, some were just skeletons. Almost all passengers were glowing with weak greenish light.

Likewise goes for the second, third, fourth and the fifth bus. According to Andrew who told me his story later, he was quite sure that all of the 5 buses were fully loaded with anything but human! Not only Andrew, his kids saw those ghostly passengers too. Some of them even waved at the kids as if saying ‘hallo’.

After Andrew had finally overtaken the last bus, he again looked into his rear mirror and he saw that all of the buses gradually vanished in thick night fog behind his car. Andrew wanted to find out the story behind those ghostly buses but it was too late after they had checked in the hotel for the night.

The next day, Andrew decided to grab a local taxi and asked the old taxi driver if he knows anything about those phantom buses and the passengers. According to the taxi driver, Andrew was not the first person who had experienced those ghostly sightings. Many taxi drivers who plied at night between the airport and town has seen similar ghostly apparitions. Some taxis even carried some phantom passengers at the arrival hall and only to find the passenger seats empty on arrival at the destinations.

Some theory said that those phantoms were once air passengers died during air accidents. Since those unfortunate passengers failed to return home when they are alive; their will powers remain so active that one way or another, in what so ever forms; the spirits shall return home in due time.

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