Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Hung Ghost Zhen Zhen (吊死鬼珍珍)

If you are the fan of so-called Penang Ghost King, then you would notice that he used to hang a black and white photo of a lady in front of his house. This lady seemed to stare at each of the passers-by quietly… It is said that if you stare at her eyes for some time; then she would wink her eyes at you.

Urban legend has it that this lady is known as Zhen Zhen and she has hanged herself many years ago… So we are talking about a hung ghost. It is said that Zhen Zhen was a Penang resident. Her father died early and her mother was married to a Singaporean. Unfortunately speaking, Zhen Zhen’s step father died when she was 20 years old leaving behind a hefty sum of debts.

In order to pay all the debts, Zhen Zhen’s mother forced Zhen Zhen to be married to a 54 year old butcher. Although reluctant, Zhen Zhen complied with her mother’s marriage arrangement. However, she hung herself on the night of her marriage.

Since then people living in the same house would hear Zhen Zhen’s crying at night. Her restless spirit was said to have appeared in the Penang Ghost King’s dream seeking his help. So the said ghost king arranged Zhen Zhen’s cremation ashes to be transferred back to Penang. Since then this hung ghost Zhen Zhen started to serve the ghost king.

As I heard, this ghost king even used Zhen Zhen’s ashes to create some amulets which are claimed to be able to attract luck…

Personally speaking, I don’t believe Zhen Zhen to be able to bring any luck in view of her pitiful life. If she couldn’t get out of the mess she was in, then she wouldn’t be able to help anyone either. Her energy is more negative than positive.

Further, only ashes of accomplished masters can be divided into portions and used in amulet making. If the ashes of a common deceased person such as that of Zhen Zhen is used instead, that means that her soul would not be able to rest in peace for a very long time. This also means that Zhen Zhen’s descendents would not prosper… but by the look of it, she has none!

Sometimes I do think if this ghost king knows what he is doing as normally a traditional master would not make use of kid spirits and hung ghosts. Those beings are not so powerful and they are not stable too. Then and again the ghost king looks more like a cunning businessman than a master. Since he is made famous by once famous Hong Kong paranormal series, I would call this person as:

Penang Ghost King but made in Hong Kong

Apparently, it is due to the paranormal series that the Penang Ghost King made his fame. With the declination of Hong Kong paranormal series; the ‘king’ has also loses his fame over time.

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