Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Blunders Of Kumanthong Belief (错误的古曼童信仰)

Many people would jump and storm their feet if I say that they are making a very big mistake when worshipping kid spirits. Be it the Kumanthong or the Luk Kok (dried baby corpse)…

The beginning of Kumanthong sounds something like this:

“General Kunpengl’s wife planned a plot to kill Kunpeng, but her plot was discovered by Kunpeng and Kunpeng eventually killed his wife. Kunpeng found out that his wife was pregnant, so he decided to cut his dead wife’s corpse to retrieve his baby.

Later this baby was dried and General Kunpeng brought this dead baby around during all his battles and he was victorious. Later folks followed Kunpeng’s method and started to worship Kumanthong…”

In this case, I have not really seen a Siamese bomoh kept any Kumanthong or Luk Kok. So I did eventually asked my master about this and this was what he had to say:

“Unfortunately, common folks only look at the surface of the story... They had failed to understand the messages hidden in the Kunpeng story. You see, it is not the dead kid or Kumanthong that we need to worship; but its mother. The bomoh would take the baby as a ransom to the mother’s spirit and ask it to serve the bomoh.

It is because the kid is in the hands of a bomoh, the mother ghost had to comply with all the bomoh’s requests… So you see, the kid is just an ‘insurance’ to force the mother ghost to work.”

Now days, people collect aborted fetuses from hospital and produced dried Lok Kok. This effort is useless as their mothers are still well and alive… so who will serve the modern day magicians now? Kid spirits are just as mischievous as real kids, and having a bunch of kid spirits around only cause havoc in the master’s altar…

At least Lok Kok are real enough, the Kumanthong statues made from cemetery soils are real joke because they have no human links. No one knows what entity had the maker summoned into those Kumanthong statues. So worshipping of a Kumanthong means inviting whatever spirits into your house; it is neither merit creating nor safe in any senses.

So my question is: “Are you feeling disappointed with your Kumanthongs lately?” 

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