Thursday, April 14, 2016

Phone Number To The Underworld (地府的电话)

It was during one New Year eve a few years ago, my pals and I met at Jason’s place for a gathering. It was the first gathering after we left our school in 10 years period. It is an overstatement to say that our meeting was a reunion; most of us just minding our own business and the gathering looked like a ‘pasar malam’ (local evening market): someone were watching TV, a few were playing mahjong, some chatting, some people eating while the rest were playing with their smart phones.

The gathering started at about 6pm and at 11pm, everyone started to feel bored and as we had promised amongst ourselves; such ‘precious’ gathering should see through the night… Someone suggested that we should tell ghost stories… suddenly Alex said:

“I heard that if we dilled number 6 for 10 times, we can connect to the underworld. Why not we give it a try? Since there are so many people around so no one should be afraid right?”

So Alex started to dial ten 6’s and after a few try; the line couldn’t be connected was only a machine recorded monotonous tone:

“The number you have dilled is not in used…”

When he was about to give up, then for the last dial, the line went through:

“Doo… doo… doo..”

After a while, an old man’s voice was heard from the other end:

“Why do you play with this number? Why do you play with this number?...”

The man kept repeating the same sentence. Alex got scared and he immediately hung up. To his surprised, the phone hung and the line remained connected. The old man kept repeating the sentence for about 10 minutes or so… until someone suggested Alex kept saying ‘sorry’ to counteracting the old man’s words.

After Alex has said a few times ‘sorry’ the voice from the other end finally said:

“Thank you for calling… please come down to visit me soon… Doo…”

Strangely speaking, when other people in the group tried the ten 6’s, they only get the operator’s voice:

“The number you are calling, is not in used…”

I dared not try the numbers, but if you do try… I don’t want to be responsible for anything that might follow… As to Alex, I heard that he immediately called his agent to increase his life and accident insurance premiums the next working day…

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