Monday, April 25, 2016

Ghost Story From UNITEN (UNITEN的鬼故事)

UNITEN is the abbreviation of Universiti Tenaga Nasional located in Selangor. And this ghost story I heard came from my friend’s son, Ali.

Ali was an undergraduate in UNITEN majoring in electrical engineering. Like any other first year students, he must stay in the university hostel during the first year. The hostel Ali stayed was a ten story building and Ali stayed on the 4th floor. Same as with other university hostel rooms, most of the study tables are located in front of a window.

One night, Ali was preparing his dissertation, suddenly a motorcyclist suddenly stopped by his window. The motorcyclist asked:

“Bang, macam mana pergi Kajang?”

(Brother, how to go to Kajang?”

Perhaps Ali was indeed too tired, without giving a second thought; he explained the direction to Kajang. After that the motorcyclist went off.

After a while, the voice of some hawker selling satay was heard:

“Satay Kajang! Satay Kajang!”

At this point, Ali suddenly felt very hungry and the urge of wanting to eat satay surmounted up to such an uncontrollable state that, he climbed on to his desk with the intention of jumping out from his window to get to the one who was selling satay at night…

As Ali was about to climb out of the window, a sudden force yanked him back into the room. He subsequently felt pain on his cheeks and suddenly Ali saw that he was being pressed onto the floor by his other roommates. It was them that slapped Ali’s face.

Before Ali could open his mouth, his roommates said:

“It so happened that we returned from outside and we saw you attempted to jump out of the window… we called your name but you didn’t respond to our yelling. So we had to yank you down and slapped you to make you to your senses…”

It is only at this juncture that Ali suddenly realized that there was absolutely impossible to see a motorcyclist and satay seller while he was sitting in front of the window because his room was located on the 4th floor! 

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