Monday, April 11, 2016

The Langsuir Of Genting Highlands (女鬼复仇记)

This is a pretty popular ghost story and it has many versions, some version mentioned that this case happened on the Karak Highway, while another version mentioned that it was in Genting Highlands.

In the mid 70’s, a young couple visited the casino in Genting Highlands. At first they won a lot of money but their good luck didn’t last. After 12 midnight, they had lost most of their money won; including their own capitals.

Since this couple even lost their capitals, they had no place to stay. So the husband decided to go down the highland in the midst of the night. Somehow, the luck was not on their side as their car suddenly came to a halt half way down the hillside because the petrol was already exhausted.

At this point, the husband decided to walk down the hillside to seek help because it was just past midnight and the road was empty; added to that no human dwellings could be found.

The wife thought that was the best method because since there was no traffic; there would not be any robbers. So, she allowed her husband to go out and the wife decided to take a nap in the car.

After the wife slept for a while and she suddenly awoke and her watch showed it was 4am; her husband still nowhere to be found. Although she was afraid, she dared not go down the car to look for her husband.

Having said so, the wife found a very strange thing: when she sat in the car, though the road was relatively empty; there were still cars passing by slowly. The odd thing was that whenever an incoming car approached her car at normal speed; it would suddenly speed up quickly and only to slow down after passing her car at quite a distance.

Although this wife is afraid, she remained in her seat as she was alone and her husband still nowhere to be seen. Some time passed and a police patrol car stopped by. The wife heard a policeman spoken through the public announcer to ask her to step out of her car and walk towards the police car without having to look back.

And even though, she was in doubt, the wife followed the police officer’s instruction and walked towards the patrol car. As she was approaching the police car, a policeman quickly rushed out of the patrol car and pulled the wife in. While she was being half pull and half tugged into the police car; the wife managed to turn her head.

There, the wife saw a long haired creature in white sitting on her car chewing a bloody human head… And the wife was panic stricken and she fainted immediately.

The next day, a group of search and rescue team was dispatched to find the missing husband. After some search, the team found a headless body of a man lying about 100 feet away from the car.

It was said that the wife later consult a bomoh, and the bomoh told this unfortunate wife:

“10 years ago, a pregnant lady accountant took her company’s $100,000 to gamble in the casino. Your husband enticed this lady to where your car halted and pushed the pregnant lady down into the ravine. Since the pregnant lady died in hatred, it transformed in to a ‘langsuir’ and waited at the place until your husband revisited the place. You should know that your husband was very reluctant to come, but because of your insist; he came and the langsuir just took this opportunity to take her revenge.”

As the story goes, the wife was so regret that she finally became mad and she had been staying in mental asylum ever since. 

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