Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dreaming Of Puteri Nasuha (梦见娜苏哈公主)

The old Javanese keris

The khodam of the keris, Puteri Nasuha. I draw the image according to my memory...

Puteri Nasuha or Princess Nasuha is the kodam of my old Javanese keris. This keris is very old which is said to be of at least 300 to 400 years old.

The first time I dreamed of Princess Nasuha was one week before the arrival of keris many years ago. There were some hiccups that nearly made this old keris couldn’t come to me… but the problem was resolved and I finally received my keris.

The kodam of this keris stayed dormant for many years.

And this morning, I dreamed of driving my car going up a hill top, it was very foggy all around me. Scenery from a far was beautiful, there were tall trees along the road and I actually ‘saw’ my apartment from the hill. For once I thought I was in Genting Highlands.

My car finally went through an open gate and entered a palace like building. There was no one there. I walked around the building compound and then I decided to go home. So I approached my car and tried to start my engine but I car could not be started.

At this moment, a beautiful lady approached towards the left side of my car. When the lady came near, I could tell that it was Princess Nasuha. She stood by the side of my car and this was when I woke up.

I have not had any sort of similar dreams, perhaps the princess want to pass me a message? I could only guess… What is your take then?


  1. Bagabi laca bachabe
    Lamac cahi achabe
    Lama lamec bachalyas
    Cabahagy sabalyos
    Lagozatha cabyolas
    Harrahya!Palas aron ozinomas
    Baske bano tudan dona
    Geheamed cla orlay
    Berec he pantaras tay.

    can u pls help me ,
    * what the use of this spell ?
    * what is the meaning ?
    * what is the full ritual ?
    Pls help me