Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mantrayana Curses In Ninjitsu (真言秘密调伏术)

The set up for performing Mantrayana subjugation ritual.

Ninjas of old used many methods to defeat their enemies including black magic. Below is one of many Mantrayana curses used by ninjas to subdue an enemy:

First one has to construct a rice stalk manikin as shown above and inserts the person's name and age into the manikin; and then he should draw 16 numbers of Han ghost character (鬼) encircling the rice stalk manikin. When this is done, some food offerings are made to the protector spirits of the ninjas. Then this ninja shall change into black clothing. Then he should make sword mudra with his right hand and then holds a bell in his left while reciting the below mantra for 108x:

Om oulijiliti militi miwahsimalei suwaka 

Normally the above ritual is used to subdue a very powerful opponent. A ninja would normally perform some kind of subjugation ritual before actually come face to face with his opponent. So you see, ninjitsu is a way of life and not just martial art alone.

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