Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I Know You Can See Me (我知道你看到我)

It is said that when you see a ghost, it is best just to ignore this spirit and pretend that you did not see it. Is this a workable method, then perhaps you will think otherwise after reading the below story:

If you are driving on Malaysian roads, you will notice that there will be a convex mirror setup at some of the T-junctions. This is mainly for safety reasons so that the driver can see traffics at both sides of the junction.

My friend’s cousin, Raymond is from Tawau, Sabah and he had an accident at about 12 midnight after returning from having supper. According to Raymond, after the late night supper, he rode on his motorbike and homeward bound.

It was in the dead of the night, there were not too many traffic. As Raymond approached a road junction, he habitually looked at the convex mirror. There are about 5 road junctions Raymon needs to pass through from the hawker center. For the first junction, everything was clear. So was the second junction…

On approaching the 3rd junction, Raymond suddenly noticed the reflection of a piece of red cloth floating at his back. He suspected something was not right, he has heard of old folks mentioning that that might be some wandering spirits following him… Though Raymond wasn’t a superstitious one and he didn’t expect to be so lucky as to witness one of such ‘thing’ that night. Like it or not, Raymond started to recite some holy names from Amitabah to Avalokitesvara; and from Lord Jesus to Monkey King etc.

As Raymond was reciting the holy names, he naturally stepped on the gas while pretending that he didn’t see anything unusual.

Now Raymond is approaching the 4th junction, being a prudent driver; Raymond halted and look at the mirror. The most horrible thing is that now the red cloth has transformed into a long haired woman whose head was resting on his right shoulder. Her extremely long hair was flying in the air due to headwind. Luckily, Raymond was a brave man; he continued to pretend that he didn’t see the lady ghost.

While Raymond was pretending, he unconsciously step on the gas and sped ahead. In his mind, Raymond prayed he could wriggle the unwelcomed guest away.

Now Raymond is approaching the 5th junction, he was a little relieved because the distance from the 5th junction to his home is only 500 feet away. Again Raymond halted at the junction and he looked into the mirror. This time to his relief, the lady ghost was finally gone.

Before Raymond could celebrate himself, as he was pressing on the gas paddle; a voice of a lady suddenly heard beside his right ear:

“Why… did… you… pretend… not… seeing… me… while… you… can…?”

Perhaps those words did startle Raymond and he suddenly stepped onto the gas paddle harshly. Result of that, the motorcycle rushed forward forcefully and before Raymond knew anything, he and his bike had rammed into a drain beside the road. The next thing Raymond knew was that he was lying in the hospital sickbed.

My friend assured me that the above story is as real as gold. It was told by Raymond personally.

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