Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Return My Head To Me! (还我头来!)

These two ghost stories are from Hong Kong, both with tragic endings; one victim whose head is yet to be found.

The first story begins in a high density housing estate. A few years ago, a lady was murdered and her body was chopped into pieces in her apartment. The murderer had disposed her severed body in a few places around the area.

A few days later, some cleaner found parts of her body and a police report was lodged. A team was formed and a carpet search was performed and the authority found every body parts except the lady’s head. Later a suspect was arrested and he was subsequently convicted and now serving his jail sentence.

All is not over for this unfortunate lady however… her restless headless soul continued to be seen by night watchmen of that flat at night. Most of the time people claimed that they saw a headless figure waiting for the lift at the basement. This headless one also appears in her apartment and along the corridor; that has incidentally scared the living daylight out of her neighbours.

Due to the haunting, many tenants of that particular flat have moved out for good.

The second story is quite a famous case that has been concluded fairly recently. If you have followed the international news… then you probably heard of a case where a youth was convicted of murdering his parents in their apartment. In this case, both of the parents’ bodies were also severed and the heads were kept in the fridge; while the bodies were being hid in the kitchen.

After murdered his parents, this youth continued to stay in the apartment. At the same time, he told his neighbours that his parents were missing; and he asked neighbours to help searching for both of the missing couple.

At this point, some foreign tenants who lived directly above the youth’s apartment felt strange because according to them, on one hand, they continued to hear noises of people cooking and chopping meat downstairs. On the other, the youth downstairs kept saying that his parents were missing. So someone finally lodge a police report and the police investigated the youth’s place and found the remains of his parents…

Perhaps it was the foul smell of rotten flesh, or it was indeed the act of supernatural that had led the police to solve the case relatively fast. People living in that flats started to move out because they believed that both of the restless spirits still haunt the flat. As I was told, the block is practically empty now.

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