Monday, April 25, 2016

Ghost Stories From Universiti Utara Malaysia (北大的鬼故事)

UUM is an academic institution of higher learning that is situated at the northern end of Kedah. If you have ever visited UUM, then you shall understand that this university is built inside a forest.

One of my friends, Ms Chang encountered something pretty spooky while she was staying inside the university hostel during the first year of her information system course.

It was during one of her end of semester examination. Ms Chang had to study until very late at night to prepare for her exam while her two roommates were already in their deep slumber. It was Ms Chang alone with her study notes and table light. Her study desk was facing the window and she could practically see tree tops in front of her when she sat on her chair since her room was situated on the 4th floor.

After Ms Chang studied for a while, she felt boring and started to yawn and her eyes started to wander about… suddenly two little green big headed boys playing on a big tree branch about 10 feet away from her attracted her attention.

The green boys then climbed to the top of the tree in front of Ms Chang’s window and they jumped into the room and sat on top of a wall cabinet beside her and watching Ms Chang doing her revisions… Although Ms Chang was a scientific minded lady, she was pretty scared somehow. So she quietly closed her book and switched off the table lamp; and jumped into her bed pretending she did not see the two green creatures.

As Ms Chang was covering her head with her blanket, she suddenly head someone in the room said:

“Satu orang sudah tidur, satu lagi sudah tidur juga; yang satu lagi pura-pura tidur pula…”

(One person already slept, another one also already slept; and the other one pretends to sleep…)

Luckily there were no more conversations heard after that. Perhaps the two little green boys want to let Ms Chang alone or they were just curious as what someone was doing in the dead of the night. I suspected those two little green boys were spirits known as ‘toyol’. Locals believe a toyol is normally kept by black magicians to steal money. But I have no way to say for sure from Ms Chang’s story.

According to Ms Chang, there is also a ghost bus in UUM that only operates after midnight. This ghost bus will stop at each of the bus stop and then the driver would open and shut the door… but people from outside would find that the bus is practically empty. I was told that this bus operates every day. If you know anyone who is from UUM; then please do so and ask them. They must know about this ghost bus! 

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