Friday, April 29, 2016

The End Of Old Ghost King (鬼王的结局)

A few weeks later, the news of the ghost king Lim fell into the sea spread like wildfire in the area and old Mr. Ho heard the news. He contacted my Mao Shan master, Lee and both of them went to ghost king Lim’s shop but found the shop was closed. A neighbour told Mr. Ho that the ghost king was in hospital recuperating. So he visited the ghost king in the hospital.

The neighbour was kind enough to bring both of the gentlemen to visit the ghost king in the general hospital.

In the sickbay, they found the ghost king laid in his sickbed. Since my old master Lee was an acquaintance of this ghost king; they started to chat. The ghost king begun his story on how he ended up in the sea almost drowned:

“It was my usual night that after my business hours, I would walk to a coffee shop near the seaside to drink a cup of coffee and to chat with my pals…

On that particular night, it was my pal’s birthday. So he brought some bottle of beers and we celebrated until way past midnight.

I was quite drunk then before we all dispersed. As usual, I walk on a path near the Tanjung Bungah beach…. A very pretty young lady came from the opposite direction. As both of us approached each other and suddenly, the lady suddenly stopped and asked a question:

“Are you the famous Penang ghost king?”

“Yes…” Before I could say anything, suddenly the young lady grabbed me by my arms and then jumped into the sea. It was a full moon night and the sea level was pretty high.

At this point, I knew that the lady wasn’t anything humane but I was too drunk to perform any protective ritual or was I sober enough to recite any mantra…

As I was half floating and half sinking in the water, I shouted for help and luckily… there were a fishing boat nearby. People on the boat heard my yelling and they immediately came to my rescue.

I told them about the lady who were also in the water, but after searching for a while; they could not find anyone in the sea together with me…

And this is my story…”

After hearing the ghost king’s ordeal, old Mr. Ho apologized to him and said:

“I am awfully sorry for not keeping the 3 year’s promise and this lady ghost has sought revenge on you. I will pay you a sum of money so that you do not need to deal with ghosts again.”

Strangely speaking, after the ghost king returned from the hospital; his business was not as good as before and finally he was found dead in his house perhaps due to alcohol intoxication a few years later.

My Master Lee told me this story and he said that the lady ghost was seeking revenge at that late ghost king because his client has broken the 3 year’s vow. So this vengeful ghost not only attempted to kill the ghost king; she also chased away all of the ghost king’s personal spirits. With any spirits to serve the ghost king, whatever ritual and predictions he did became ineffective. So, gradually the old ghost king lost his reputation though he has kept his life.

Hence, Master Lee’s advice is not to help people especially those involving vengeful ghosts. It would only cause more unnecessary karma links than doing good to the master himself. For whatever decision the master makes would not be in a win-win situation.

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