Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Releasing Mouth & Flying Mouth (放口飞口)

In old Fujian (福建), China; releasing mouth is a type of black curse that was once prevailed amongst the local folks.

The word ‘release’ means to ‘attack’ while the word ‘mouth’ means ‘curse’. So it is pretty obvious that ‘releasing mouth’ is a type of verbal curse that is meant to cause harm to an opponent. This type of oral curse is normally cast by a weaker person as he/she has no way to retaliate injustice done on him/her. Having said so, ‘releasing mouth’ should not be cast simply because if the opponent is failed to be killed, then the spell caster will die instead. In another words, either one of the two persons must die.

When there are people who can cast ‘release mouth’ spell; there are people who can ‘solve mouth’ (解口) as well.

My late grandmother was from Fujian and she told me this story:

In her old village in Fujian when she was very young…  her neighbour and the neighbour’s sister-in-law was having disputes for a very long time.

It was said that this sister-in-law subsequently cast the release mouth spell to this neighbour.

At that time, the neighbour was pregnant. My grandma said that her neighbour’s body hair stood up, bluish colour developed on her skins and she suffered severe body pain of unknown reasons. Blood were seen oozed from the neighbour’s eyes, nose, mouth and ears…  A wise woman knew that this neighbour was the victim of ‘release mouth’, so she hesitantly invited a lady who was renowned to be able to ‘solve mouth’.

The wise woman asked the neighbour’s family to vacate a room and in the centre of the room, a bathtub was put in the centre of the room. The bathtub was half filled with herbal water and grandma’s neighbour was asked to strip naked and sat inside the bathtub. The wise woman too sat inside the bathtub back to back with the neighbour for one whole night.

The next morning, this neighbour has recovered… but her sister-in-law was found dead in her room with blood oozed out from her body.

There is another saying that if the release mouth spell failed to hit the target or it was being rebounded back for some reason, this spell may strike any innocent bystanders and this is known as ‘flying mouth’ (飞口).

I have one version of the mantra with me:

First the spell caster should write a ‘sick talisman’ with his/her tongue and recites below mantra once:


(Om in sleepiness, in confusion, in chasing after one’s soul with one’s soul, napara quickly catch hold of it!)

After that, one should take a mouthful of air and blows it onto the body of the target.

The victim will suddenly feel drowsy and slowly he/she shall become sick. If the person is untreated, then he/she may die fairly quickly.

This spell can be cured by the spell caster by simply shout ‘retreat’ and blew another mouthful of air towards the victim.

There are many other methods that can be employed to release this spell of course.  

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