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From Cooked To Raw Mantra (熟肉复生咒)

From Cooked To Raw Mantra (熟肉复生咒)

This is a sort of black magic prevailed amongst minority ethnics in China since Tsung Dynasty in Leizhou (雷州) and it was still in practiced by some Miao tribe magicians during Qing Dynasty some a few hundred years ago. Perhaps someone in Indochina has preserved and master this type of curse until today. We will never know as the Indochina is still full of mystery until these days.

The mode of operation is very simple:

First a magician would let a person consume some cooked meat, be it pork, beef or mutton. After that the magician would start chanting the below mantra:


(The peach of eastern mother king, the peach of western mother king.)

If a person has consumed some served cooked beef, then this chewed beef inside the person’s stomach would become raw again. And if the magician continues to chant the mantra further, this raw beef will then grow and turned into a cow. As this cow continues to grow, it will cause the victim’s stomach to become stuffy and if the victim refuses to settle with the magician, then this cow will grow until it bursts the victim’s stomach. If the magician continues to chant further, the cow will again return back to cooked beef again.

The above mantra originated from Leizhou.

I have another version of similar curse obtained from an old Miao magician but his version would cause the animal to devour the internal organs of the victim also. The mantra is almost similar to the above:


(The king mother’s jade of eastern pool, the king mother’s jade of western pool.)

Another very similar ritual in Indochinese magic is the use of ‘cow hide wind’ (牛皮蛊).

In cow hide wind, a magician would sit on a piece of cow hide and chanted mantra until this cow hide shrinks to a small piece that can be hid under the magician’s finger nail. This small cow hide is then mixed into a victim’s food and let the person consume. When the cow hide has entered the victim’s stomach, it will gradually expand and until the person is stuffed to death.

Luckily, I have not witness or hear of the success cases and stories of such curses these days.

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