Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Psychic/Psycho Lady Hitchhiker (神通女乘客)

My pal, Stanly is the second generation of a filthy rich businessman. His hobby is to buy new cars and the speed of him buying new car is faster than lady buy clothing. Naturally after a person is in possession of a new car, he would like to show off. Stanley is of course of no exception.

One Friday night, after Stanly had some high moment in a disco with his friends, he decided to drive his new bought Merce to tour the KL city. So off they went from KL centre to Petaling Jaya and then to Subang Jaya…

When the car travelled to Subang Perade, a lady suddenly rushed out from taxi stand and waved at Stanly’s car perhaps signaling Stanly to stop. It was around midnight and had Stanly drove alone, he would think the lady was a ghost. But now that he was with three other friends; I supposed even lady ghosts wouldn’t have escape those the paws of those lustful guys.

Anyway, I couldn’t be sure what Stanly thinking at that moment was as he did stop his car in front of the lady. After all, the lady looked quite pretty too! When the car halted and Stanly wound down his windscreen and the lady spoke:

“Sir, can you be so kind to let me hitchhike for a section of the road? I couldn’t get any Taxi at this odd hour?”

Although this method of waving down a stranger’s car to take a free ride is relatively common in western countries, it is very case in Malaysia due to safety reasons. Since Stanly had stopped the car, so he let the lady sat in the side passenger’s seat.

Not long after the lady hopped into Stanly’s car, she started to direct Stanly how to drive… it was either she asked Stanly to sway to the left and a few minutes later; she would instruct Stanly to sway his car to right. After quite a number of repetitions, Stanly started to feel agitated and he burst out:

“Sister, this is a straight highway I am driving on. Why do you want me to sway left and right? Do you do this intentionally so that the ** would come and arrest me for drunk driving!?”

The lady saw Stanly was agitated so she did keep a moment of silent for a while…

Suddenly the lady yelled: “STOP!!”

Due to reflex, Stanly immediately stepped on the car foot brake until the stopper. Everyone in the car was thrown forward due to sudden impact. Stanly was real angry now, he yelled at the lady:

“Are you nuts!? What is the scream for?”

At this point, the lady said very sincerely:

“You have hit many those good brothers and sisters in white… now you must not bang into this good sister in red!!”

After she had spoken the words, the lady opened the car door and exited the car leaving Stanly and his pals staring at the empty road in front of them in much bewilderment… The question kept echoing…

“From where did those white clothing and red clothing stuffs came from?”

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