Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ah Ling’s Ghost Month Experiences (鬼月谈鬼)

Ah Ling is an operational manager in a renowned hotel in George Town. Although she seldom reviews her secret of her fellow workers; people who know her well know that Ah Ling is a psychic as she has psychic vision. Local Chinese call this type of people as ‘yin yang eyes’ (阴阳眼).


I like to chat with Ah Ling concerning her experiences with spiritual world during the 7th lunar month or more commonly known as 'ghost month'. It is normally at ghost month that Ah Ling will pay me a visit to ask for some 'fu' (). Unlike normal folks who only ask for one talisman; Ah Ling normally asks for two dozen pieces of talismans!


It was about this time that Ah Ling paid me a visit. So I asked her some of her experiences during ghost months to be posted in my blog.


According to Ah Ling she routinely sees many ghosts in the hotel she served in. However, it is during the ghost month that the hotel is ‘full house’ just as if our normal holiday seasons. The more offerings people made along the street, more ghostly crowd will enter the hotel.


Some of the ghosts will go into rooms along with hotel guests, some of them just leaned against wall at a corner while some of these ghostly brothers and sisters just squat beside the walls waiting for offering sessions held by local communities. These offering sessions are normally held in the evenings or nights.


Ah Ling said that due to her duty, she cannot avoid going rounds the hotel to supervise her staffs. At many times she bumps into ghosts and these spirits just entered and possessed her body intentionally or unintentionally. The intentional possessions are mainly due to ghosts wanted her help to contact their living relatives to ask for favours or offerings.


As recalled by Ah Ling, it was during last ghost month that the spirit of her late father-in-law suddenly possessed her body while she was doing her paper work in her office. With only 70% of her consciousness being controlled by the spirit, she couldn’t help but to call up her hubby to pass an urgent request.


The most favourite locations in the hotel is the hotel kitchen, bar and restaurant. Ah Ling said the spirits like the smell of tobaccos, alcohol and hot steamy foods. She naturally would try all possible ways to visit these places especially the restaurant. The reason is that Ah Ling couldn’t stop staring at ghosts licking hotel guests’ sirloin steak with their long and slimy tongue and those people just continue to consume those yummy steaks! What else is more disgusting than that may I ask?


Perhaps Ah Ling is having bad lucks due to her special abilities. Whatever case this may be, I do enjoy listening to her yearly ghostly experiences…

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