Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Invocation Of Chinese Goddess Kali (九天玄女)

The Original Hindu Kali

The beautiful  but lethal  Taoist Kali, the guru of Huangdi (黄帝); i.e. the ancestor of Chinese Han ethnic.
Goddess Kali is worshipped in India, Indochina and China by people to gain magical power for revenge and destructions. Below is a Taoist method to request the bestowment of power by Chinese Kali, or the ‘black maiden’. She is better known as the ‘maiden of the nine heavens’ by Taoists.


The Taoist Kali looks more peaceful than the Hindu Kali and she is also known as the goddess of war and destruction. So, I think both of the goddesses are the same.


First, one must set up an altar for this black maiden. This person must also avoid eating meat products and refrained from intimate acts. When everything is readied, he/she need to recite the below mantra for 21 times to 49 times once in the morning and once at night:




(She is the holy black maiden who saves sentient beings from all ten directions; who heeds all prayers; please fulfil all my requests. I am bestowed by the heaven to drive thunders. As I am beloved by the heaven, my power is quickly bestowed within the three religions and on the Earth. I am the strongest amongst all holy beings and that the water cannot drown me, the fire cannot burn me. Now I break the earth and summons the thunder of all 5 directions with a delay. According to the seal of wind and fire, I am carrying out the order of the Taoist master!)


If one practices the above ritual for 49 consecutive days then one will received psychic power of some kind… Some people will be bestowed by sixth senses while others may be bestowed by astral travel or visions. However, I cannot guarantee that everyone will be receiving magical powers as each individual is different.

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