Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The FS Minor Life Foundation Method (风水小生基法)

Minor life foundation for Immortal Liew
Basically there are two types of life force methods; the major and the minor.


Naturally, the major life foundation is more powerful than the minor, but it is more difficult to do it good. So, the alternative is to use the minor foundation method which is much simpler and easy to perform.


There are many methods in performing the minor life foundation; the actual implementation would depend on individual school. As the saying goes:



“Different master, different method, different power.”


One method made popular by a Hong Kong occultist is just to put a person’s personal belongings (finger nails and hairs) into an incense burner and the incense burner is worshipped in his altar.


The more powerful minor life foundation is as shown in the above illustration.


Say that Mr. Liew wanted to do the minor life found for himself, first he must construct a statue of a deity with the face look similar to himself. Then he must find or construct a temple for people to worship this statue. Mr. Liew must also give this statue a name such as “Immortal Liew” (刘大仙) for example.


Now as before, Mr. Liew must also put his personal stuffs into a large incense burner for visitors to burn their incense. The more visitors; then more power will be bestowed to Mr. Liew.


When Mr. Liew dies, he will be worshipped as a local god.


Perhaps that too, explains why the Chinese have got so many gods and goddesses.


So far, I have seen a Taiwanese Taoist practise the second method.


When I visited a temple in Kaoshong, I thought the face of the deity looks somehow similar to the temple caretaker. So I ventured to ask him concerning my doubt and he pulled me aside and told me this secret. I am not sure if anyone beyond Taiwan knows such a method however.


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