Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fate Characteristic Of Sing-Ma Professionals (星马专业人命理)

Over the years, I have had many opportunities to study the fates of professionals, senior executives and the like for Singapore and Malaysia. Many of them have very similar characteristics. Let me list them down for your reference, chances are that you also fall under these groups or a combination of few:


1.      Very strong personal character

a.       The character of these folks is so strong that until any blessing rituals or amulets have no effect on them. In another words, even ghosts are scared of them.

b.      These folks are normally either still single or have monetary problems.

c.       They will have aggressive personality that made them climbed up to corporate ladders before 30.

d.      They tend to hurt themselves and others.

2.      Fatal relationship problems

a.       People who fall into this group will have multiple fatal attractions due to the fact that they like to flirt a lot.

b.      These people tend to like the persons they shouldn’t.

3.      Middle age money crisis

a.       Many people will face financial problems from 40 to 70.

4.      Mostly professionals

a.       They are salary owners mainly and hence life is bored.

5.      Good life for a start

a.       Life is good during 20 to 40 years.

6.      Control freak

a.       Many folks like to be bossy and like to be in control.

7.      Keep things to themselves

a.       They like to keep things to themselves hence they will be quite lonely during old age.

8.      Problems with boss or laws

a.       Many of these people will have problems with their bosses or at least facing one or two law suits.


If you feel that you have 4 out of the 8 points match your character, especially the first one; then forget about using magic rituals or amulets to gain career advancements. It is better to start a new business than to work under people.


I have to emphasize that fate characteristic for businessmen/businesswomen and hawkers is total different. Remind me if you are interested to explore further…


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