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Annihilation Of Fox Spirit (狐妖灭形记)

This is one of the most bizzare case I have come across. It is said that whoever being possessed by a fox spirit; the end of his or her eyes will slant upwards!
Fox spirits are uncommon in Tropical Southeast Asia. There are many stories describing foxes as charming and cunning and they can attract attentions. So there are many people worship foxes in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China. In northern part of China, foxes are worshipped together with weasels and snakes.


What I am going to describe now is taken from my Taoist master’s note book of a real case that happened about 30 years ago in Pulau Ketam. This is a pretty sensational case and some older folks may still have some memory of it even till today.


 The fox spirit I will be describing now was a fierce one and it wasn’t like anything described in old stories. So here is the real case of fox spirit versus a Taoist told to you first hand:


The victims of this story were from a quite well to do fisherman family. They were known as Lai family. The Lai family was led by Mr. Lai and Mrs. Lai with two sons and a daughter. Both of the sons were married except the youngest daughter.


According to the narration that Lai family has inherited a wooden fox statue from their ancestors from China. When the Lai grandparents migrated to Pulau Ketam, they brought the fox statue with them. It was said the statue was from the Dragon Tiger Mountain (龙虎山) in JiangXi (江西).


Things went on pretty smoothly when grandpa and grandma Lai was around as the fox statue was pretty well taken care of. However, once the old folks passed away, no one wanted to worship the fox spirit and the statue was tugged away in a cabinet.


After some dog gone years, the wife of Mr. Lai's eldest son Mei Lin got pregnant. Everyone in Lai's family was happy for her especially good old Mr. Lai as this would be his first grandchild.


Six months passed and one day Mei Lin was helping the family member to tense salted fish and she accidentally slipped and her baby was miscarriage. Everyone was then thought that was an accident and consoles Mei Lin so as not to feel too grief.


Business was as usual for the Lai family until a year later when Mr. Lai’s second son accidentally tripped over his fishing net and fell overboard. His body was found by the local marine police a day later.


Now with two mishaps within two consecutive years, Mr. Lai thought something was wrong but after consulting all the available mediums in the vicinity; the answers they got was only mere pure luck.


Another year passed, now it was Mr. Lai’s youngest daughter, Laura started to behave pretty strange. Well, she acted like a dog at the first glance but both of her eyes slanting upwards at the ends indicating that it was a fox.


At this point, the Lai family was almost crippled with two family members gone and one insane. Mr. Lai didn’t have the mood to fish anymore and he has spent almost of his saving just to find remedies to cure Laura.


Perhaps the luck was on Mr. Lai’s side as when Mr. Lai almost given up hope in searching for able persons to save his family around Malaysia, he went to Singapore and there he bumped into my Taoist master Tsui Hong quite accidentally.


Without hesitation, Master Tsui Hong followed Mr. Lai to his house in Pulau Ketam and he asked Mr. Lai to prepare an earth urn filled with a piece of red cloth, a piece of white flower and a mirror. The earth urn was to be placed at the center of the house for a night and Tsui Hong will meditate at some distance from the urn at night.


As recalled by my master later, the above assembly will force whatever is in the house to materialize into the urn. So Tsui Hong waited patiently until he saw a beam of bizarre white light went into the  urn and he immediately sealed the opening of the urn with a piece of red talismanic cloth. At this point a shriek came from Laura’s room and a bump followed later, indicating someone has fallen onto the floor.


Everyone was startled and rushed into Laura’s room to find Laura has fainted. People started to sprinkle water onto Laura’s face and soon Laura had regained consciousness and started to enquire why everybody was beside her. It appeared that Laura has no recollection of what had happened to her so far.


No one dares to touch the urn until the day breaks. By now, the news has spread all over the village and big crowds had gathered outside Mr. Lai’s house. Everyone was keen in knowing what was inside the urn.


When the time is right, Master Sui Hong broke the seal and to every spectator’s surprised out it came was the wooden figure of a fox! My master wouldn’t want to be too merciful to this fox spirit so he asked for an axe and chopped down the head of the figure…


As to every spectator’s horror, blood splashed out from the neck of the wooden fox as if it was a real thing!! No one can explain why blood can hide in an old antique wooden fox. The foul smell of blood continued to stay around the place although the floor was washed several times.


Whatever the case may be, Mr. Lai’s life went back to normal since the ‘execution’ of the fox spirit. That was recorded in my master’s note book as the above case is one of the most bizarre case he has came across during his years of becoming a Taoist.

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