Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ghost Stories From A Radio DJ (电台鬼故事)

I have a friend he was once a DJ with a famous radio station here in Kuala Lumpur. After some kind of ‘spiritual’ experiences, he decided to quit and now he is a salesman of smart phones.


Let’s call this friend of my DJ. I came across him when I was doing a Feng Shui audit for a shop in Damansara Utama a few weeks ago; DJ was a friend of the shop owner Mr. Liao. After the audit, Mr. Liao invited us for a dinner and for a chat since we were no strangers figuratively speaking.


As you know that I have a big mouth, so I start asking DJ of his sudden change of job. It was really a surprised as DJ likes to work in radio station a lot and I remembered of DJ’s wish to work in the radio station until he retires…


It appeared that Mr. Liao also wanted to know, so after some persuasions, DJ took a sip of tea laid back in his chair and start recalling:


“You know that a DJ is required to work on shifts. At time a DJ has to work alone throughout the night and I have had my fair share of supernatural experiences while working on night shifts.


The scariest of all that I have experienced was during the Chinese ghost month about a year ago. I knew something was wrong on that night when I accidentally knocked off some joss sticks and candles when I was on my way to work…


As usual, I started my work from 7pm to 7 am and it was a Friday night and there were only a handful of people in the building… I was alone in the sound proof recording room playing some old songs. Nothing too unusual until midnight and the period between midnight and dawn is actually the best time to work as it lacks the daytime hectic and there weren’t too many callers.


It was perhaps about 2am when I felt an urgency to pee, so I immediately started the player to play an oldie “When Will You Return?” (何日君再来). After that, I left the recording room and rushed upstairs as there is no toilet on my floor...


Strange things started to happen just as when I was walking towards the toilet... The light above me suddenly went off when I was immediately underneath it and when I moved away, the light came back by itself! There were about 5 lights in a row and they went on and off just as if disco lights when I walked under them!!


After I answered the call of nature, I quickly rushed back to my recording room and to my relief; the lightings were operating okay and no more strange reoccurrences. As I stepped into the recording room, the song that I was playing somehow jumped to “I’m Waiting For Your Returning…” (我等着你回来)!


Just to let you know that it is a taboo amongst all DJs to play the song “I’m Waiting For Your Returning” at night as it invites ghosts and nostalgic spirits of old.


Well, that was my first story…


You know that a radio recording room is a pretty haunted place as there is no natural light come into it. When we are doing the recordings, we will never look up as we are afraid to see ‘something’ floating above.


My pa used to tell me that ghosts like to listen to songs and especially oldies…


So this was another night session and I just had to finish a new recording for the Chinese New Year… During the recording, I forgotten the taboo and unintentionally veered my sight to the top left corner of the recording room. From the mirror reflection, I can see a face with blurred features was looking at my direction! I couldn’t tell if it is a male or female as it was just a blurred feature.


In other separate incidents, I was locked from outside in a few times when I was doing my late night recording… only to hear a burst of disembodied laughter when my colleague had to open the door for me while scratching his head on how I can lock myself from outside…


There were numerous shoulder tapping incidents and just to find no one was at my back but those were only chicken feed compared to the above.


The final episode actually saved my life, I was doing my recording one night and somehow I heard a fine voice called up, “run for your life!”


The voices repeated a few rounds and instinctively I raised my head and saw thick smoke outside of the recording room! Had it not for the voice, I would be a charcoal by now as you know you can never hear any outside voice from a sound proof room.


Well now that you have heard my stories, do you think they are real?”


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