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Taoist 7 Steps Exorcism Method (七步驱鬼法)

She gave us a creepy smile through the mirror reflection at us when we entered the room...
The Taoist 7 steps exorcism method is one of the most powerful exorcism methods available out there to exorcise any spirit out from a place. It is not easy to perform this ritual as the magician must be powerful enough to control the spirit he or she wishes to cast out. Furthermore, this 7-step method is a very rude way of saying to the spirit to go to hell with one-way ticket.


I have only performed this ritual once and that was about 20 years ago when I dared to try anything without due consideration to the risks. This true incident happened to my school mate Ah Beng and the scene is set in Taiping.


For those folks who know Taiping quite well, they must know that there is a market place where people congregated to bet on rain falls (赌雨). On both sides of the market there were and there still are rows of double story pre-war buildings. Ah Beng was staying in the second floor of one of the buildings.


Ah Beng got married fairly early, that is after his ‘O’ Level exam he married his wife Ah Mei and they were only 18 years old when they got married. Both of the couple was managing a small hawker stall selling roast pork and chicken. I was then a frequent customer of Ah Beng’s stall because I would pass by the stall daily on route to work.


Things got pretty smoothly for Ah Beng for first few years or so. I can’t remember since when it was Ah Beng who managed his stall alone. I held my curiosity to myself until one day that I just busybody enough to open my big mouth.


Me: “Where’s your ‘cha boh’ (wife)? I haven’t seen her for quite some time.”


Beng: “Oh, she wasn’t feeling too well… I asked her to rest at home.”


Me: “Listen, your face looks very dim and your eyes look tired… there must be something troubling you…”


On hearing that, Beng invited me to sit on a chair and he pulled another chair and sat beside me. So happened that there weren’t any customers, we started to talk.


Beng: “Well, to tell you the truth, my ‘cha boh’ acted pretty weird lately… she would comb her hair repeatedly alone in front of her makeup table in the dark. At time she would sing and smile at the mirror. When I asked the ‘cha boh’, she would ignored my queries and only reply me with a cold smile that sent the coldness down under to my spine!”


I looked at my watch and it was around 2pm, so I figured that it will be better to visit Ah Beng’s place after night. I will need to make some preparations before I go for my safety considerations…


Me: “I’ll go to your place at 8pm tonight but I’ll need to get some stuff…”


Ah Beng agreed and we parted after chatting on other things for few more minutes.

How time flies, it was already 8pm. Ah Beng and I was at the doorstep of Ah Beng’s place. Though the temperature was pretty warm, there was a sense of chillness came out from the apartment.


Ah Beng opened the main door and let me step in first…


As what had been described, Mei was sitting in front of her mirror combing her hair. She looked skinnier and instead of greeting us, she continued to do what she like best while her eyes veered at us from the reflection with a very strange smile that somehow showed her hostility.


I quietly told Ah Beng that it looked like Mei was possessed and in order to proof my doubt. I drew seven small circles on the floor with the final circle facing the main door. After that I burnt a piece of joss stick and started to chant while stepping on the first circle…


As I chanted, the atmospheric pressure in the place suddenly increased. For every step forward, the pressure increased still until I stepped onto the last circle where the room was pressurized to the max. At this point, Ah Beng collapsed onto the floor and I felt difficulties to breathe…


Finally I stormed my right foot, broke the joss stick, pointed to the main door and shouted: “Get out!”


At this point, the door suddenly slammed opened, a gust of wind rushed out of the house and I was thrown about 10 feet back with my back slammed heavily onto a wall as if a kite that has lost its string.


Within seconds, the pressure inside the room was gone. Ah Beng gathered himself and managed to pull me up too.


We went to the bedroom and found laid fainted face down on the makeup table.


Ah Beng propped his wife up and after sprinkling some cold water, Mei finally woke up and she has no recollection of what so ever of her experience.


After the incident, Ah Beng finally decided to move house. As for me, I won’t want to engage in anything similar anymore. That was the most horrible experience I had ever experiences as the power and the danger were so real and powerful!

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