Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Secrets Of Old Javanese Beauty

There are still many secret practices amongst the Javanese folks being followed secretly today. Not many people will have the opportunity to hear of these secretive practices but I will share some of them that I have heard or learnt from my friends:


·         The secret of old lady’s ring finger nails

o   In order to make one’s face shine and look beautiful, collect some finger nails taken from an old lady’s ring finger on Thursday night. After that take a flower bath and arrange the nail cuttings on the part of one’s face where he/she desired to change. One should lie down and leave the nails on one’s face for about 20 minutes and then keep the nails in a pouch.

o   This magic only works for one week or six months or the most.

o   When the magic has expired, bury the nails under a large tree.

·         To make one’s face shine

o   Prepare 5 or 7 types of flower and a lime.

o   After that dip those items into a ceramic container filled with rain water.

o   Wash one’s face and use the lime to rub against one’s face.

o   One’s face is said to look more brilliant after the simple ritual.

o   Try it before you are to attend an important function, but be careful so that the lime juice doesn’t enter your eyes.

·         The head changing ritual

o   If one is not satisfied with one’s face, and desired a better facial feature; then he/she can draw the head of the person he/she wanted to be most as close as possible. Perhaps today, we can just cut down photo of a movie super star…

o   Before one goes to bed, meditate on the face he/she desires and then paste the picture on his/her left chest; somewhere above one’s heart.

o   After that go to bed.

o   The magic is said to have taken effect when one sees his/her face being changed by spirits.

·         The heart changing ritual

o   The Javanese believe that beauty comes from inner wisdom and having a good heart. So, in order to make a person to change his/her character in a relatively short time; a heart changing ritual is a must…

o   The ritual is simple, just draw the symbol of a heart and write what one want to change and paste the heart on his/her left chest above his/her heart.

o   If the works, then the person’s friends will notice a change with that person…

o   The ritual can also be used on disobedient child too.


Well, that’s what I have for now. If you have more rituals, then you’re welcomed to share them here too!


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