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Cured By A Cup Of Tea (一杯水之债)

This is a personal story told by one of my late medium acquaintance from Guangdong, China some time ago. I just recall it and recorded it in this posting for sharing purposes before it is wiped out from my memory.


There are many types of spirit mediums in Chinese culture, the medium I refer to here is also known as “asking rice” (问米婆). Her name is Aunty Ann and she was quite famous in her profession as a medium who acted as a bridge between the life and the dead.


One day, a gentleman known as Mr. Wong from Hong Kong came to Aunty Ann to ask for help. Apparently Mrs. Wong was suffered from final stage of lung cancer and was sent home by the good doctors for the family to make final preparations.


Aunty Ann was just like you and me when not going into trance. So, she asked Mr. Wong to be seated and she will ‘go down to underworld’ to fetch Mr. Wong’s late father to ask if there is any hope for his Mrs.


After some mumbo jumbo, Aunty Ann’s head begun to shake and her body begun to tremble as if being possessed. A few minutes lapses and finally a seemingly familiar voice came out from Aunty Ann’s throat:


“… Son, if you wanted to cure your wife, then quickly go to a village in Shanxi (山西) and look for a farmer call Wenxi and ask for him to give you a cup of tea to bring back to Hong Kong for your wife… Once your wife consumed the tea, then she will recover… Wenxi owed a favor to your wife in the past years so now is the time to ask him to repay his karmic debt. Remember, you must bring back the tea within 7 day’s time…”


Before Mr. Wong can ask further, Aunty Ann shivered for a while and regained her consciousness. Apparently the spirit of Mr. Wong’s father is gone back to the underworld.


So Mr. Wong thought it wasn’t too difficult to try as he loved his wife a lot. In order to find out the truth, Mr. Wong travelled to Shanxi the next day. After some searching, he finally arrived in front the door of Wenxi.


Mr. Wong started to knock on the wooden door for a while and finally a gentleman opened the door and asked: “Who are looking for?”


Mr. Wong said: “I am looking for Wenxi.”


The gentleman: “Do you know Wenxi?”


Mr. Wong: “No. Where can I find Wenxi?”


The gentleman: “I am Wenxi. Do I know you?”


Mr. Wong: “No. You don’t know me but I have a favor to ask…”

So good old Mr. Wong told Wenxi the whole story and naturally Wenxi brushed aside the story and treated Mr. Wong as a psycho. But Mr. Wong kept bagging and under the promise of a handsome payment, Wenxi finally agreed and poured a cup of tea for Mr. Wong to bring back to Hong Kong…


Once home, Mr. Wong immediately gave his wife the ‘special’ tea to drink.


After three weeks, since Mrs. Wong was still well and healthy, she went back to the hospital for a follow up check up.


It was to the doctor’s surprised that Mrs. Wong’s cancer was gone!


No one can explain the above incident until today.


The above story was quite a sensation for quite a while in Hong Kong.


There were and perhaps still are many people use Aunty Ann’s name to attract unwary customers in China and Hong Kong now days.


More info on Chinese ‘asking rice’:



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