Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Human Efforts Vs Luck Of A Nation (人命好重要)

We always hear arguments between skeptics and proponent of Feng Shui on which is more important: human luck or the luck of a nation. While I learnt up Feng Shui, I am not superstitious for I am only exploring the wisdom of old. From what I have seen and experienced so far, I think it is fair to say the below:



“Luck of a nation is not definite, but good human luck rules all.”


In fact what makes human lucky is their ability to make intelligent judgments and take proactive actions to mitigate or reduce the impact of natural disasters. Of course, if one failed to perceive dangers around his/her corner, then he/she could only blame himself/herself.


Feng Shui is a fuzzy art of approximation and it can never give us a definite answer of what will happen to a nation. For example:


2014 is the year of horse it is ruled by fire element and indicated by I Ching as “fiery sky” (which is proving to be true…) and 2015 is the year of wood lamb and indicated as “windy earth” and there should be some kind of epidemic. Those are merely predictions that may or may not happen.


If the human have used their wits to take counter measures for example avoiding war zones, improving irrigation systems, forbidding open burning etc. Then we have already saved ourselves plenty of problems…


If we didn’t make any precautions, then we will (and have already) be shocked by the rude awakening. And the prediction of ‘fiery sky’ would become true.


If however, the mankind start to take precautions about possible spread of plague in 2015, possibly brought by wind or flying insects starting now; then we could save a lot of lives. And the prediction of plague happening becomes not true. Otherwise the prediction of a plague becomes inevitable and hence true.


So, the bottom line is still up to our ‘luck’ to change the ‘luck’ of a nation. In order to make some prediction true or untrue, we human must take proactive action to change our luck and hence the luck of our nation will also change accordingly. Having said so, how many people can really change their luck and the luck of their nations?


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