Friday, July 25, 2014

Beware Of Fire In The House (火烧中宫)

A year ago, my Indian friend Ramasamy accidentally left his burning oil lamp unattended after his usual prayer session. And a fire started up from one of the oil lamps which had toppled and subsequently the fire burnt down his altar that was situated at the centre of his house.


Mr. Ramasamy invited me to his house for a Feng Shui audit just to make sure everything is alright… When I was at Ramasamy’s place, the debris hasn’t been removed.


According to Ramasamy, he thought the fire was started by his patron gods as a punishment for him due to his negligence in taking care of the gods. So, instead of quickly refurbish his damaged altar; he wanted to repent for three years before actual work is carried out.


However, after the audit; I told Ramasamy that he had to watch out for his heart and his temper. The flying star for Ramasamy’s house wasn’t very good with the blackened wall and untidy burnt down structure. If no action is taken soon, Ramasamy will suffer from severe heart problem in near future.


Why do I say so if you may ask?


Well, there is a saying in Flying Star Feng Shui that sounds as below:



“Fire which started in the centre of a house will hurt its owner.”


I gave Ramasamy two options:


1.      To rebuild his house.

2.      To move into a new house.


Since Ramasamy’s house was rented, he opted to move house. As to the damaged done on the house, I would let him sort it out with the house owner…


Last time I heard from Siva, one of our mutual friends; Ramasamy had a heart attack during an argument with the house owner on the refurbishment cost. Looks like it would be difficult for Ramasamy to escape his fate too I wonder…



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