Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Phra Ngan Is Not For Everyone

Many professional ladies and gentlemen who worship Phra Ngan for more 10 years came to me complaining about problems with their family, work, finance and even court cases. All of them have this doubt: Why didn’t Phra Ngan protect them all the while they gave good care to Ngan?


This troubled me for a while but finally I found the answer.


This must be due to the professions these folks engage in.


Well, a professional would most likely a salary earner or who is performing legal businesses. In Astrology terms, standard professions belonged to ‘proper business’ (正官). Their income would be 'proper income' (正财) and that their authority is 'proper authority' (正印). With these three factors, a professional should be a law abiding citizen.


Phra Ngan belongs to 'side business' (偏官), 'side income' (偏才) and illegal authority (偏印). So if a law abiding person worships Phra Ngan, this Ngan will change his/her character to 'side ways'. If this is the case and the person changes accordingly; so be it. I am not judging if the change of character will be good in this case.


I know that many of these professional ladies and gentlemen make use of Phra Ngan to gain favours from opposite sex such as money, promotion or personal favours. Such actions is contrary to their 'proper business' as such whatever given by Phra Ngan will eventually have to be vomited out eventually. If this person is in 'side business' then this would not be a problem.


A lady who is the personal secretary of a MNC director came to me complaining that her bosses wanted to sue her for what they have given to her. She asked me why her Phra Ngan didn’t protect her and she has worshipped Ngan for 10 years. I merely look at her and asked: “Did you sleep with all your bosses?”


The answer is of course a big ‘NO’. It will be over this lady’s dead body to have done so as her character is too hard to yield to anyone. Had she really slept with all her bosses, then she would not face all those court cases now days. And why is that if you may ask?


Well, we must know Phra Ngan is a ‘sex machine’, so other than an offering of liquor, ‘sex’ is also a must and that is where the Phra Ngan is energized and become more active. If this secretary was also a social escort and didn’t mind to sleep with others, she will be a happy rich lady by now.


It is too late to change anything for this secretary… Perhaps she cares to try the Phi Phop or the ‘banana spirit’? That too will present another problem… Hahaha..


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