Thursday, July 24, 2014

Religions & Occult Bring Troubles (巫祝为祸殃)

Religious people criticize Feng Shui as superstitious, but do you know that Feng Shui can actually predict that religions and occult practices actually bring trouble to our modern times?


For folks who know Flying Star Feng Shui, we are currently experiencing the 8th period (2004 – 2023) and this period is ruled by element earth which also refers to young males. So, this is the time for our younger generation to excel and the most probable business would be something related to housing and property markets.


The period before 7th (1984-2003) which was ruled by elemental metal and refers to young females, entertainment, occult sciences and religions. It wasn’t a surprise that during the 7th period religious and occult activities flourishes together with entertainment industries.


In Flying Star, each period has a ruling element and it is the strongest for that time and whatever businesses related to that particular element excel. However, once its time has lapsed, then this element becomes a problem. In Flying Star technical term, this is called ‘fading chi’ (退气) if the time is not too far away or ‘dead chi’ (死气) if the period is a little too far.


So, in the 8th period, everything related to the 7th period is fading its influence. Naturally, religious and occult items are things of the past. We probably will not see too many issues at this time as we are only 11 years into the 8th period...


Having said so, religious troubles in Africa, Middle East, Far East, Asia and some part of the world begin to surface lately; this is perhaps related to the waning of 7th period. There is another saying amongst Feng Shui community that:



"The fading chi of the 7th period sees occult and religions as source of troubles."


In I Ching, the number 7 refers to young female, while the number 8 refers to young male. Putting them together forms 'female over male' which is a symbol of intimate relationship (泽山咸卦). Since this relationship is not proper and bound to be exposed by the public, it is dangerous and brings trouble. Hence people or nations that spend most of their time or GDP on religious affairs in the 8th period will see troubles in near future.


We only need to refer to our history to find out if what I have said make any senses. There are many examples which can be referenced from Chinese history if one is interested enough to explore...


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