Sunday, July 20, 2014

Strange Encounters During Dragon Hunting (寻龙怪谈)

Yesterday, my grave digger friend Ah Kow and I went to Frazer Hill to hunt for dragon and dragon point (寻龙点穴). Our purpose was to find a good location to perform major life foundation for Ah Kow’s sick mother.


Normally I dislike performing this deed for anyone, nonetheless Ah Kow has helped me a lot and I felt obliged to help him.


Frazer Hill is where the true dragon lies as the entire chi from China through Indochina accumulates here. However, due to rapid development, the mountain ranges were injured and hence affecting the nation’s fortune and stability.


After traversing a few mountain tops and ravines, we finally found a place with some very interesting foliage so we took a rest and had a cup of tea. It was quite unbelievable that the scene forward and aft of the mountain would be so different. If I would describe it; it will be as if heaven and earth.


Suddenly, we observed two eagles spiral on our top and the dragon point (龙穴) was starting to be covered by a layer of white fog as if a mysterious force wanted to prevent us from approaching the intended location.


I started to ponder for a while and thought that the mountain spirits would not give this dragon point to us easily, so as an alternative, perhaps we would find another location on the left of the original location in Feng Shui terms as “dragon point on green dragon mountain range” (青龙砂落脉龙穴). At least Ah Kow’s mother will have another 30 years of good life.


So we walked toward our new location…


As we were approaching the place, just about 20 steps away, suddenly a wild boar rushed out from nowhere blocking our path. When I looked into the wild boar’s eyes, it wasn’t meant to harm. So, I recited a mantra to chase it away and fortunately, it did and we proceeded forward.


And now as we beginning to stand on the dragon point, a giant king cobra suddenly coiled its body onto the dragon point, raised its hood and hissed at us. Though I had learnt snake magic and could chase it away, I hesitated.


I thought two obstructions would mean that the mountain spirits didn’t want to release the sacred location to Ah Kow’s mother. After some hesitation, I had to tell Ah Kow that he wasn’t going to get the place for his mother’s major life foundation (大生基) ritual. We just had to come back another day though Ah Kow was quite reluctant.


Apparently a sacred place is not meant to anyone, no matter how much money one pays; only by God’s will can one possess this treasure of our nature. So, if anyone promise you with a good dragon point with some payment; chances are he/she only wanted your money and without any good intention to help you.


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