Monday, July 28, 2014

All Quiet At The North-western Quarter? (西北线无战事?)

The flying star charts for year and months of 2014.

I was asked if a peace keeping troop will do any good at the NW quarter.
Well, the flying star system is a pretty reliable one, so let’s have a look for the fun of it:
In 2014 and in the 8th period, Star 5 and 9 is at the NW of Southeast Asia.
9 and 5 represent ‘the emperor’. However during July, August and September 2014, this emperor is being disturbed and hurt by the star 3; which means ‘war’ or unrest at the speed of ‘fiery thunder’ (aeroplanes down, missiles down, artilleries down etc.)
Between August and September, the star 2 drops onto the NW corner forming a combination of stars 2, 5 and 9; i.e. ‘death’ and ‘widows’. So, any interference of forces between July to September 2014 would mean trouble.
The best time to send in troops would be in the mid of November to the mid of December 2014 where these peacekeeping troops would be much prepared then.
However, if the peacekeeping troop would move from South to the North and back, then the peacekeepers would be going against the Yearly Lord (太岁) and the 3 Kills (三煞) in the months of Nov and Dec 2014 and also Jan 2015.
Looks like it would mean the peacekeepers from SEA would be engaging in actual combat with folks in SE corner with casualties… Another option is only sending peacekeepers from the West only. Perhaps that is an indication of World-War III? Something to think about…

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