Monday, July 21, 2014

She Never Eats Outside Food

Lisa never eats outside food nor is she very keen in attending any barbecue activities. She has kept her secrets for many years until Lisa acquainted with Bobby, her new found boyfriend cum colleague. That’s when Lisa’s nightmare begun to hunt her…


Lisa and Bobby is colleague in a computer accessories retail shop which is situated just a few steps away from where I stay.  There weren’t too many employees in the small retail shop, just Lisa, Bobby and a general caretaker known as Ah Mah. So it is natural that Lisa and Bobby are pretty close together as they meet face to face almost every day except on their off day.


Bobby has observed that Lisa never go out for lunch as she always prepared some food from home. Bobby thought Lisa just want to save as the outside foods are pretty expensive now days: a plate of chicken rice can fetch up to $6 excluding beverages. So, one day, Bobby thought he would give Lisa a treat as well as find a chance to get closer to her.


As expected, Lisa declined Bobby’s invitations repeatedly but Bobby was so persistent that finally Lisa accepted the offer; after all, it wasn’t so nice if one doesn’t socialize around Lisa thought.


So off the couple went out of the shop and the good hearted boss told them they can knock off for the rest of the day as there weren’t any customers around.


There is a small hawker center just opposite the computer accessories shop. One can find all varieties of foods: chicken rice, roasted duck, noodles, western food, roasted meat etc.


The couple walked around each stalls discussing on which food to choose from until they came across a stall selling roasted chicken and meat rice. All of the roasted steamy meats are hung in a display cabinet to attract customers. Those yummy roast meats will certainly double one’s appetite as not only the color looks attractive, the smell of roasted meat can attract meat lovers from a distance.


Bobby thought Lisa likes meat so he paused to order some rice and chopped roast chicken and pork meat. He thought Lisa would enjoy them… The contrary happened to Bobby’s sweet dream however.


Lisa’s face suddenly turned pale, shivered and shouted “go away!” and then covered her face with both of her palms. Bobby and the stall owner were shocked by Lisa’s sudden move but the stall owner immediately recognized that Lisa was disturbed by some invisible force for Lisa is no stranger in this neighborhood.


Incidentally I was also queued up to buy the chicken rice. The stall owner turned his face towards me and said, “Hey! Mr. Liew, can you take a look?”


So, we propped Lisa to a coffee shop and ordered a glass of ice lemon tea for her to calm her mind.


When Lisa was calm enough, I look into Lisa’s eyes and started my queries:


“Hey Lisa, have you seen anything you shouldn’t?”


Lisa pondered for quite a while finally these words came out from her mouth…


“I saw a lady ghost and baby ghost leaking a piece of roast chicken in the display cabinet…”


Lisa continued:


“I have psychic eyes and can see spirits since small. My pa and ma don’t allow me to speak out as they too are scared. Every time I pass through food stall; there are bound to have some spirits around licking the foods or smelling them. That’s why I don’t like to eat outside…”


On hearing that, I asked Lisa and Bobby to come over to my place and I will mask off Lisa’s psychic eyes. As to the roast chicken rice they’ve ordered, that already became my free lunch… Hahaha..


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