Sunday, July 13, 2014

Horrible Electromagnetic Interference (恐怖電磁干擾)

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is an electrical term used to describe how magnetic field or radio frequency (RF) can interfere with modern day electrical and electronic gadgets.


What is the relationship between EMI with Feng Shui (FS) you may want to ask?


Well, like it or not EMI issues have became an integral part of modern day FS studies. This is mainly because many electrical high voltage cables for condominiums or houses are concealed now days in Singapore and Malaysia alike. That is to say that the cables are now running underground for aesthetic reasons and not hanging in the air as before.


This design has post new problems to FS audits as the house facing direction will sway 300 to 900. In another words, it is extremely difficult to take a proper reading without resort to gyrocompass.


Below is an actual case taken from a Singapore high-rise apartment:


The magnetic compass direction shows South (1800) but gyrocompass shown around (1080).  This means that there is a vertical power cable underneath or above the apartment.


Below is the calculation:



This is a ‘sick house’ where the occupants are likely to fall sick and this appears to be true according to the owner’s feedback. The main door is at the top Southwest corner with 2 and 5. The EMI is very strong at the doorstep that swayed my compass considerably and EMI belongs to elemental ‘fire’; so the earth element of 2 and 5 are further enhanced by the fire.


Consequently, the 74 granny was diagnosed with cancer during the summer this year where the fire element is the strongest; worse  still the 7 year old elder grandson was also partly brain damaged and prone to spasm.


Though there are short term mitigations, but that can only last for 2 years or so. Hence it is best just to move house. Having said so, it is probably not so easy in Singapore where the price of an apartment has sky rocketed in recent years.


Of course, the above is not an isolated case; I can only hope for the best for such folks to be able to move out soon...

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