Friday, July 18, 2014

Lamenting The Ill Fated Big Horse Transport

While we lamenting the consecutive loss of lives within a period of 3 months, we should perhaps pay more attention to the causes and remedial actions in addition of showing sympathy and holding extensive prayer sessions.


On another separate case, let’s look at the problems facing ill fated Big Horse Transport Company. There are many tell tale signs ignored by the management of this transport company:


In the view of an occultist:


·         The ‘horse’ is in conflict with the current year lord (犯太岁). So the management should change it to another name. In order to solve this problem once and for all, the new company name should not relate to any of the 12 zodiac animals.

·         The 'three killing sha' (三煞) is at the north, so problems will occur within the year of horse if activities are being carried out around noon or midnight. Hence, the schedule of Big Horse must change accordingly.

·         The face reading of the Big Horse management folks are pretty bad, as per rule; a bad leader will bring an organization to limbo.


In the view of a system engineer:


·         The management has ignored the rule of thumbs:

o   "It is safe to use, but use it at your own risks.”

§  We see this sign in all of public car park too, don’t we?

o   “Things you ignored will go wrong.”

§  There is no sense of urgency to perform risk assessments despite environmental situations change all the time. Peaceful situation in JB doesn’t mean that things will be the same in BJ.

o   “I am already planning for my retirement.”

§  I didn’t make up these words, a senior management of a MNC told me this when he was in his late 20’s. The reason was that his 5 figure pay with annual 6 months bonus already made him so contented that he didn’t want any changes in his job or he wished to implement any changes to improve his operations.

·         The whole of Big Horse operational systems are failing:

o   No one knows where the vehicle is without taking a long time to investigate.

o   Individual responsibilities are being pushed to outside vendors:

§  “Well, it isn’t my fault; they said it is okay to proceed.”

o   There is no contingency plan but resort to pray for safety of the operation.


Looks like there will be no ends in mishaps from Big Horse unless drastic changes are taking place shiftily to prevent further catastrophic  system failures.


By the way, just a disclaimer:


The above case refers to a fictitious company.


I do pray for the victims who have used the service of these ill fated and ill managed companies; but I too urge these folks to do their part of homework first to assess the worthiness of engaging the service before regret pretty soon.


There is a saying that goes:



“He lost his wife together with his armies too.”


It is no use to send countless of encouragements and condolences when the mishaps occurred.


That is also something for us to think about too…


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