Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Spirit Wanted To Go Home (遥远回家路)

I met a lady in Phuket during my last visit.


She suddenly barged into my way while I was walking with a social escort back to our hotel after a night’s bar hopping. My social escort said this lady was mad ever since the infamous Tsunami.


This lady attracted my attention as she kept repeating a sentence in English:


“I mean you no harm… my body is still under the rubbles of a hotel beside Patong Beach!”


So I stopped my path and asked the escort try to talk to the mad lady on what she wanted.


After a while, the mad lady started to talk:


 “I am from Yugoslavia (now according to Wiki: Bosnia, Kosovo, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia and Serbia) and my name is Michael Viki. I came to Phuket on December 24th, 2004 with two friends. Our bodies are still under rubbles of a hotel beside the Patong Beach. I mean no harm; I just want to go home…”


I wanted to ask further, but my escort didn’t like the idea and I was half dragged away from the scene as the crowd was slowly gathered to see what was a tourist doing with a mad lady.


I supposed, incidents such as the above are no surprises after major disasters where majority of those unlucky ones died of sudden and violent death. Their mind cannot accept their horrible consequences that they are already met their doom. Moreover, how can those supposedly merry making folks who have planned for enjoying a joyous holiday but instead experienced a one way ticket to the doom?

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