Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Story Of A Longevity Grave (寿穴的故事)

To outsider, a grave is a grave where the dead is being buried. Nothing can be said or explain more precise than that; likewise to all major cultures in this world.


To a Feng Shui master, especially the ones who are expert in Yin Feng Shui (阴宅风水); there are basically 3 types of graves:


·         Longevity grave (寿坟)

o   A grave built while a person is still alive

·         Life foundation (生机)

o   A grave built for a still living person to boost up his/her life force

o   It can be turned into an actual grave as well

·         Actual grave (坟墓)

o   This is the actual grave for the dead


This is the story of a longevity grave that actually occurred near Sekinchan, Selangor somewhere in early 70's. The hero of this story was a Chinese millionaire who was then in his 70’s and has decided to build one longevity grave for him due to two reasons:


·         He wanted a final resting place.

·         He wanted to use the power of Yin FS to boost up his life force.


Naturally I wasn’t involved with this case and the story was told by my late FS master during one of our reunion dinner sometime ago. The story goes something like this:


One day a millionaire known as Mr. Lim approached my master complaining of severe migraine which troubled him for around 3 years or so…


Naturally, my master declined politely as he was only a humble FS master.


But Mr. Lim was quite adamant in insisting to tell his story to my master…


People call my master Sifu Lee; so the conversation goes:


Mr. Lim:


“I know it is strange, but let me have a chance to tell you my side of the story…”


Sifu Lee:


“I’m by all ears… but I don’t know how to help you at this moment really.”


Mr. Lim:


“Okay. My migraine started about 3 plus years ago after the construction of my longevity grave. It was quite alright until end of that year. My migraine started during the monsoon season of that year.

The rain fall was quite substantial and the monsoon wind was also strong. At first I thought I had a cold but after visiting my family doctor and taken countless of cold medicine and antibiotics; my migraine worsened.


My condition went on and off and my head was especially painful during the end of the year. A doctor friend of mine advised me to consult a FS master as he said that may be my FS problem. It seems like that this good doc also has some knowledge in face reading…


So here I am.”


(After pondering for a while)


Sifu Lee:


“Your temple areas look quite dim. I am sure your plight has something to do with your grave…


In order to find out your problem, we must open up the longevity grave and take a look inside. This is a big issue as opening a longevity grave means the ‘death’ of the owner. So, I will need to choose an auspicious date and perform some rituals…”


Mr. Lim agreed and they both came into an agreement with the fees and arrangements.


Now that Mr. Lim, Sifu Lee and some workers were in front of Mr. Lim’s grave. After an extensive ritual, they opened up the grave and went in…


To their surprised, the grave was partially filled with water and most puzzling of all; they found some heavy furniture piled up at the Southwest corner of the grave, including a large signboard of a sundry shop nearby!


Without much hesitation, the worker started to remove all the rubbish from the grave and clean the place. They wanted to finish the work before noon or more unfortunate things would happen.


After the work, everyone went back.


A year later, Mr. Lim came to see Sifu Lee bringing a New Year hamper.


He thanked Sifu as his migraine has disappeared ever since the clean up.


No one can explain how the huge furniture and signboard went inside a tightly sealed grave.


The mystery remains until today.



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