Wednesday, July 9, 2014

God Of Fortune Lucky Number Yant (财神马票符)



·         Get a piece of new bank note or $50 or $100.

·         Draw the above talisman on a piece of white paper.

·         Write down the serial number on the bank note.

·         Use light glue to paste the talismans on both sides of the bank note.

·         Recite “Na Cha Li Ti” for 108x on each side.

·         Put the bank note on your altar.

·         Now bet on the last 4 digits on the bank note.

·         If you are successful, then continue to bet on the first 4 digits.

·         When both number series had opened, then dip the bank note in cold water to remove the talismans.

·         The bank note can be used as ordinary bank notes.

·         Use a new bank note if you want to continue further.




“Gambling is harmful and prohibited in major religions!”




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