Friday, July 25, 2014

Master Lai’s Major Life Foundation (赖太素生基法)

There are many ways to go about to create a major life foundation (MLF). The below method is said to be originated from Master Lai Buyi (赖布衣).


First and foremost, the location of life foundation shouldn’t be too near a public graveyard or mass burial sites. It is also forbidden to use a formal burial site or any places that are not ours. This is because there are mountain spirits and earth spirits watching over places without any ownership.


There are five main ingredients for a successful major life foundation:


·         The owner’s date and time of birth

o   The person’s astrology chart must first be consulted to see if this person is suitable for a particular life force foundation according to his/her needs.

·         A suitable Feng Shui loction

o   This is the most important aspect of a successful major life foundation as a true dragon knot will energize the owner with earth energy for achieving the person’s desires:

§  For health, wealth, free from law suits, for business etc.

o   Of course, the prerequisite is that one must know how to find a good dragon beforehand.

·         The person’s personal effects

o   Hairs, fingernails, worn clothing or small quantity of blood.

·         Special blessing ritual

o   If the personal effects are not empowered, then it will take a longer time for the chi of the earth to reach a person. Normal process will be 1~2 years, but empowered ritual will speed up the process to 6 months or so.

·         An auspicious date

o   Good dates are pretty hard to come by but this is not an option.


I have noticed that there is a simpler method to perform major life foundation advocated by other Feng Shui masters. In this method, all the clothing, hair, fingernails are put into an urn and then buried into the ground. This method is not proper however as the owner will be prone to the disturbance of wandering spirits.


For people who don’t want to DIY, please refer to the below commercial package:



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