Monday, July 14, 2014

Hostile House And I (也谈凶煞屋)

There are many telltale signs if a house is indeed haunted. For example:


·         Echo

·         Water dripping noise

·         Footsteps

·         Sounds of people whispering


These noises may be heard when one enters a room in a hurry and all of a sudden, noises as if there are people tidying the place or perhaps noises of people in conversation may be heard.


I was staying at the second floor of a restaurant in Subang Jaya SS14 in early 90’s. My room was at the backend corner of the floor and my house mate and I had the habit of playing chess until well past midnight. Well, there weren’t any smart phone or iPad at that time.


The kitchen door would suddenly open wide as if pushed violently by an unseen force, at the same time; all of those people sitting in the living room would felt a sudden chill for no reason.


At times, we would hear the noise of people opening drawers in our rooms and when we rush in to investigate; there weren’t any living soul!


Whatever case it may be, these strange noises had not harm the occupants or the visitors, the effect was only psychological. A very strange thing worth mentioning was that any new comer to the second floor will have one chance of falling down from the staircase; no one ever fell down twice however. Strange but true!


Perhaps the above example cannot qualify as a ‘hostile house’ as no one was hurt by the strange noise.


A hostile house will see the occupant suffer from serious illness or even death from abrupt and unknown incidents. There are many reasons why a house turns hostile to its dweller. Perhaps it is due to ‘sha chi’ (煞气) and indeed if it is so, the dweller will really suffer from bankruptcy, jobless, no income, sick or even permanent disabled.


‘Evil chi’ (邪气) normally refers to the presence of spirits and this can be shown by the vibration of compass needle; although the electromagnetic force may do the same. It is up to the experience of a Feng Shui master to differentiate which is which.


A few years ago, I was in Guandong (广东), China with my master and we stayed at my relative’s house. Not so far away from his house, there was an abandoned bungalow. The building was wet and damp with major parts of the building was covered by moss. It really looked uncomfortable and gave creeps for those who would take a second look of it.


There was an old decayed tree at the back of the bungalow with black liquid oozing out slowly as if sepsis (脓血).The neighbour told us that the former owner of the bungalow died from unknown back gangrene (背疽) and on the second year, someone moved in and he too was suffered from brain cancer and his head swelled up to such an extent that the poor guy’s eyeballs bulged out considerably. Since then, no one dares to stay in the bungalow anymore.


Since then, I always advise people to think twice before purchasing an abandoned building especially with a dead tree in the compound.


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