Thursday, July 17, 2014

Magical Uses Of Plants According To Javanese Hikmah

Plants, fruits and flowers are also part of magical ingredients in Southeast Asia. Below are just some of the examples:


Kenanga (Ylang-ylang/香水树)


It is said that Ylang-ylang twig has the power to enhance sales.


The method is:


·         Collect a piece of Ylang-ylang twig on a Friday night and write the below inscription:


Grape Vine (葡萄藤)


If someone has stolen your valuable items, you may perform the below ritual to punish the thief:

·         Write the below words on a piece of grape vine.

·         After that hit the vine onto the floor and then break a section of the vine.

·         Continue until you have broken the full length of the vine.

·         It is believed that for every strike on the floor, the thief will suffer severe pain as if being stroke by a cane!


Chempaka Putih (Champak Alba/白兰花)


It is said that the Chempaka Putih flowers have the power to enable a buyer to strike a cheap deal.


The method is:


·         Pluck two pieces of Chempaka Putih flowers and write the below inscriptions on both of the flowers.

·         After that leave one flower at home while bring the other along to see potential sellers:



If God permits it, you will get what you want cheap.


Chempaka Kuning (Champak Yellow/黄兰花)


·         Planting and wearing Champak yellow is said to reinforce one’s office or power within an organization.


Jati (Teak Wood/柚木)


It is believed that the new leaves of teak wood can prevent lightning strike.


The method is:


·         Get some new teak wood leaves and chew it until mashed.

·         Wrap the crushed leaves with a piece of tin foil and carry the package along when you want to go out during a thunder storm.


Water Lily (睡莲)


·         Clears one’s troubled mind and maintaining household harmony.


Grapefruit (葡萄柚)


If someone is suffering from repeated and prolonged illness, then one can try the below ritual:


·         Collect some sap of grapefruit tree and draw the below talisman.

·         After that let the patient wear it.

If God permits, then the patient will recover.



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