Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Empowering Massage Healing Hands

We have at times wondered on how a healer can alleviate a patient’s pain by simply placing his/her hands on the patient’s discomfort part. There are many ways to go about and below are just some of the tricks anyone can pick up:


The Chinese Qigong (气功)


A Qigong master can channel chi into his/her hands until this hands felt warm. After that, the hands are placed on patient’s discomfort part for about 5~10 minutes.


The Taoist Mulberry Hands (摸桑手)


On the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, one must go to a mulberry tree and plug some mulberry leaves. Chew up the leaves and then spit the mashed leaves together with saliva onto one’s palms. Rub both hands until dry and avoid washing hands for 3 days. After the empowerment period, the hands are said to be very effective in curing fracture, tumors, pains etc.


The Japanese Reiki (灵气)


The Reiki need not be introduced further. There are many variants of Reiki and amongst these variants; there are many levels too. Once empowered, a practitioner’s hands can be used to cure various sicknesses.


The Since Of Longevitology (长生学)


As with Japanese Reiki, this is the Taiwanese variant. This practice is pretty popular in Singapore and Malaysia.


The Javanese nectar of gods


One must first collect some morning dew from the roof of a chicken bun. The dew is then poured onto one’s palms and rubbed until dry. It is said that this will empower the hands to be a pair of healing hands.


The Hikmah Massage Healing


One must chant the verse “Allahumma syaffi mariidhana” repeatedly while placing the hands on painful part.


I am sure there are many more methods out there, if you know any variants; then please let me know.