Monday, July 21, 2014

Earth Spirits And Dragon Knots (地灵与龙穴)

For the benefit of those folks who do not understand Feng Shui terms, ‘dragon’ means mountain range while ‘dragon knots’ means the end of a mountain range where earth’s magnetic field or simply known as ‘chi’ accumulates. Since the old Chinese think that our mother earth is a living entity, so the energy stored in mountain ranges are as if living dragons.


After spending many hours in jungles and mountain ranges looking for herbs as well as searching for auspicious Feng Shui locations, I noticed that most of the dragon knots are guarded by spirits such as mountain and earth spirits. Hence we should not be too greedy in taking over these sacred locations without due consent or disasters will be fallen upon us. Naturally, our power will be lesser than the spirits where they are the master of the wilderness.


There are many tell tale signs of the presence of these spirit watchers as at times, they will transform into giant snakes, rare plants, wild animals, white misty shadowy figures or even ant hills. These manifestations will vanish and another scene will appear in front of the one who dares to venture near. If one is not careful, he/she may be trapped in this scenery for days; or perhaps forever if he/she is so unlucky.


We can think of spirits as batteries and they will need to be recharged. Spirits of lower class will possess the living beings for energy replenishment, while spirits of higher order will need to absorb earth magnetic energy. A dragon knot resembles a woman’s virginal and it is a spirit’s battery charger.


Magicians too will seek out these dragon knots for enhancing his/her power or for other magical activities. Gods and goddesses will look for dragon knots that are exposed to sunlight, moonlight and starlight, while earth spirits or ghosts will prefer the dragon knots that are covered by foliage or hidden in a cave.


While I was at Gunung Ledang during my last trip, I found a very nice dragon knot not far away from a waterfall. However, I also saw a figure in white already standing on the location and I could only camp beside it for a night. I thought it was the legendary princess where the local call her ‘Puteri Gunung Ledang’.


The white figure lingered on the dragon knot until way past midnight and then vanished itself together with a layer of thick night fog. When the fog finally dispersed, the figure was gone. I thought the princess was so kind to ‘lend’ the place for me to meditate for a day or two. Anyway, I can’t be sure if it was indeed the princess as there were no communications between us at that time though.

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