Monday, July 22, 2013

A Social Escort’s True Experience

Alice is my customer, and I am her customer. This is a very bold lady I can assure you that the word ‘fear’ is and will never be printed in her dictionary. Due to Alice’s financial difficulty, she rented a small room upstairs a pre-war shop lot in Georgetown. She complaint many times concerning strange happenings in her room but due to reasonable low rental, she forced herself to stay on. That’s how we got to know each other.


This is one of her most remarkable stories I have ever heard in her own words:


“As you know, my room is pretty much haunted by a lady spirit of the former tenant of this pre-war building. It told me in my dream that it meant no harm but requires someone to set up an altar to worship her daily. At first I was very reluctant and tried to fight this spirit with all that I can. One night, it came into my dream again and I asked what it wanted from me. The spirit repeated her demand that it wanted to have someone give offering for the rest of the person’s life.


So I braved myself and asked the lady spirit what it can give in return. The answer was pretty straight forward: whatever my heart desire was. Since I am a gambler, I replied that I wanted the spirit to give me 4 digit numbers. The spirit at once murmured a set of numbers and asked me to put my bet the next day.


The next morning, I copied the number onto a piece of paper and kept reminding myself that I must remember to bet on that day. I think luck was not on my side, before I wanted to go a Magnum outlet; my mahjong pal rang me up and asked if I was interested in a few rounds of mahjong games, they were lacking one participant and would like me to fill in the gap.


You know that the mahjong game can go on and on for hours. By the time I got out from my pal’s place, it was already 12 midnight. Apparently I have missed my chance of betting on the number. So I thought no big deal and hit my bed immediately on returning to my room. It was indeed to my horror that the 4 digit numbers the spirit gave to me strike first prize! Apparently not only my chance of winning 1st prize flied, I also lost quite a lot of money during yesterday’s mahjong game.


The lady spirit appeared to me again and put forward her demand. But I said to the spirit I have not won any money as I didn’t bet on the number. The spirit didn’t accept my explanation and still keep on pestering me ever since. Do you have any method to put a stop on this?”


My replied was pretty simple: just do what the spirit wanted, since it has given a very accurate number; it can certainly help her in achieving her wish. I supposed Alice finally gave in to the spirit’s demand and set up a small altar for the spirit. Apparently the spirit was true to help Alice as now Alice is a proud owner of a small beauty salon. Though she moved to her new house, she continued to make offering to the spirit in her new house.



  1. With due respect,
    How to put up an altar in this situation?
    I mean the altar size, color , inscription?
    Thanks , in advance.

    1. There are many methods really...
      Basically one can setup a red tablet of 'no name' on a table or at one corner; will share in next posting.

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  4. You know that the mahjong game can go on and on for hours. By the time I got out from my pal’s place, it was already 12 midnight. Apparently I have missed my chance of betting on the number.

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