Thursday, July 4, 2013

Flip-flop New Age Mustika Pearls

I took a sudden craze to look into some of the online auction mustika pearls and found very interesting changes of the same thing over time. Just thought I would share that with you. Smile if you just treat this as a joke; cry if you have forked out your money to purchase some of them (these are not cheap items):


·         The last of the last mustika pearls

o   While the label is the last pearl on sale; once one is sold, you will find a second last one appears in the auction. For instance “last fox mustika”, “last fox blood mustika”, “last jelly fish mustika”, “last of the last personal collection jelly fish mustika” etc. etc.

·         The switch identity mustika pearls

o   Another very interesting phenomenon, a white elephant pearl can turn into a fox pearl, a wild boar pearl can transformed into a albino peacock pearl just to name a few.

·         The modern manufactured pearls

o   Many of the pearls are manmade. You can see similar shape and sizes of these mustikas be it the lightning or peacock or even wild boar.

o   The size and shape of most of the mustikas are exactly identical.

·         The fable mustika pearls

o   Fire dragon pearls, water dragon pearls and sky dragon pearls etc. cannot exist as there are no such real creatures as physical dragons.


Then and again, cross your fingers; perhaps what you have got is a real thing. It is a magical world out there J!


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