Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Magic, Food & Traditional Thai Medicine

The all famous red hot Tom Yam soup that will make you sweat and drive away the fever
We all know that magical practices and Thai traditional medicine work pretty close together as many kathas are used to bless herbs and to heal; Thai traditional medicine likewise put much emphasize on treating ordinary daily diet as medicine in maintaining consumers’ health. This is undoubtedly one of very distinct aspects of traditional medicine compared to our modern healing systems out there.


It is true to say due to this daily diet that Thai ladies and gentlemen are renowned throughout the world to have amazingly attractive figure with fair and smooth complexions envied by all those who struggle to keep the standard but still failed miserably.


Perhaps it is because of the geographical condition, climate and environment of Thailand enable a vast variety of plants to flourish throughout the year and many of these edible plants, vegetables and herbs also have very special and outstanding healing effects.


Some examples are: melon, winged bean, cucumber, bitter fruits, chilli, gingers, lemon grass, Thai basil, mint, limes etc. Not only that these plants are delicacies on the dining table, they are very helpful in maintaining health and preventing many illnesses.


Hence I always think we should study magic, traditional medicine and culinary arts together holistically to get the maximum benefits: physically and spiritually.

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