Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Science Of White Eel (Aji Welut Putih)

I post this ritual on behalf of Lenny. See if anyone can integrate this practice together with the Taoist eel god posted below J:


The science of white eel was once possessed by Indonesian independence fighters and it is said to be very effective in escaping the chase of your enemies so that you can remain unharmed against all odds. It is also believed that you will be able to escape easily and safely when you are surrounded by your enemies. However, at present days, this science is mainly practised by robbers and gangsters so that they can easily escape from being caught by the authorities.


First, the person must perform fast for 7 days and 7 nights by only eating white rice or bread. This is followed by fasting without food and water for another 3 days and nights. One must start the fast on a Friday (Jumaat Pahing).


The mantra:

“Anak-anak sang dewo ratu,

suryo kirono, suryo ratu.

Deleg putih tinalenan welut putih.

Cot procot jabang bayi kakang kawah adik ari-ari.

Ojo siro keri.

Eh ajiku si welut putih” (3X)


Once successful, when this mantra is recited in danger and with the risks of being detained by your enemies; a secret escape route will suddenly open in front of you. Perhaps you can use this mantra to escape from your boss during your weekly department meeting too! Hahaha...


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