Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tips On Avoiding Inauspicious Houses

Many potential first time house buyers asked me the same question:


“What are the quick and easy ways to know if a house is decent enough for a family to stay in without consulting a Feng Shui master?”


Well, to answer the question, there are many:


·         Bring your young child, children or pets to visit the premise. If a child laughs and runs about playing; then the place is good. If the child starts crying unusually loudly; then it is time to take a hike. Likewise if your dog barks at a spot in a house but there isn’t anything around; think twice on getting the house.

·         If you feel dizzy, nausea, giddy or getting goose bumps; forget about the house. Likewise, if there is a persistently strange strong smell; especially towards certain corner, leave the house alone.

·         Before entering the main door of the house, first step over the door brim with your left foot and pause for a second or two; what do you feel? If you hear high pitch sound near your ears, forget about the house. If you feel that the empty house is as if filled with people, again; forget about owing the house.

·         Don’t visit the house during rainy days only… the moisture will daunt your 6th senses. This is a trick many real estate agents like to use. If you are serious about the property, visit the location at various times: in the morning and evening; during rainy days and sunny days alike.

·         Enquire about the past history of the house and land: the house may be built on former cleared cemetery area.


Although the above tips are tested and true, it is still best to consult an expert as your one time investment may be your worst nightmare for the rest of your life. There are just too many details that cannot be seen by our naked eyes.


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