Thursday, July 18, 2013

Coffin Nails In Taoist Magic (棺材钉)

A lady asked me this question: my friend gave me a bracelet made of coffin nails. Why is it that after I have worn it I always feel not myself, having bad dreams and most of all my luck has not turn better?


Coffin nails, also called ‘soul catching nail’ (镇魂钉). Coffin nails are normally used in set of seven. It is believed that the soul can rest in peace when a coffin is secured by coffin nails. However, coffin nails can also be used to calm soul, remove inauspiciousness and to bring in luck and also prosperity.


To tell you the truth, coffin nails are used as they are: in their original shape. I have not heard if coffin nails can be worn as jewelry.


If coffin nails are to be used to ward off evil and to protect a house, they can be hung on top of the main entrance. On the other hand, if one wanted to be prosperous, then dip the coffin nails into gluttonous rice water for 7 days. After that, retrieve the nails and put into a red bag together with three pieces of one’s hair. This bag is then put under one’s bed. That’s all to it.


Then and again, I supposed the coffin nail bracelet can also be dipped into the rice water for 7 days and be worn after tat too.


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