Thursday, July 4, 2013

Magical Uses Of Cat’s Mask

A cat’s mask is fun to be worn during a party or Halloween.


On the other hand, a cat’s mask can be a powerful tool in Mao Shan Taoist magic. There are many uses for a cat’s mask:


·         If a cat’s mask is empowered with any of the empowerment rituals, it can be hung at the entrance of your altar or house to break any spells that are cast on you.

·         If a cat’s mask is empowered with a dead cat’s blood, then by simply burying this mask in front of your enemy’s house or where he/she will pass through daily; it can be used as a tool to curse your enemy. Before burying the cat’s mask, say something like, “spirit of a cat, spirit of a cat, this charge I charge you today. Go and haunt so-and-so until his/her last breath etc”.

·         A cat’s mask when blessed with a black cat’s blood as above; can also be used to ‘lock’ your opponent’s altar where no spirits can or are willing to come to the magician’s aid.


Whatever case is, I still prefer to wear a cat’s mask to during Halloween.

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