Monday, July 22, 2013

The Baby Spirit That Never RIP

This is the personal story of Ms Choo. About 16 years ago Ms Choo was only in her 20’s. Unfortunately after having intimate act with her boy friend she got pregnant. None of the couple wanted the baby as they were still young and were not financially sound to support a family. So they resolved to have an abortion.


Due to guilt, Ms Choo decided to set up a tablet beside her earth god’s altar for the baby spirit in the hope at least the little spirit would have a place to stay. About 5 years later, Ms Choo married her boy friend Kenny. The couple has a beautiful baby girl whom they named Lisa.


As recalled by Ms Choo that Lisa was a strange girl, by the time Lisa was about 4 years old; she started to play with an imaginary ‘brother’. Ms Choo of course, brushed this incident a side and thought that was the little girl’s vivid imagination.


The fate of Ms Choo took an about turn as Kenny was involved in a work related accident and killed. About a week passed Kenny’s funeral, Lisa ran to Ms Choo and said, “Mummy, mummy! I saw koko (brother) is with daddy in the living room!”


Ms Choo tried to keep her cool this time and asked Lisa how old was the ‘big brother’ was then. Lisa immediately said that the ‘koko’ was about 10 years old and Ms Choo almost fainted as it was about the age of her aborted baby!


So, Ms Choo wanted to know what went wrong. I told Ms Choo that she should remove her deceased baby’s tablet; it is precisely that the tablet and daily worship of this little spirit made it to linger on in this world. What Ms Choo done is same as keeping a kid spirit, a toyol or a Kumanthong.


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