Thursday, July 25, 2013

It Is Not Ghost!

This is quite a well known hilarious personal story about a supposedly haunted house; many famed mediums and masters have their good names tarnished due to this surprisingly simple incident. The story goes like this:


There was always a pool of water on the master bedroom floor of a semi-detached house. Majority of the building materials are granite and mirrors. The house owner hasn’t got a clue on the source of water as there were no signs of roof leaks, nor is there any water sources in the center.


He tried many methods to trace the leakage but couldn’t find any reasonable explanations. So the wife went to consult some mediums and spiritual masters and got a fairly unanimous reply: “There is a water spirit in your house!”


After spending quite a handsome amount of money on exorcism rituals, and yes; they even employ Taoists all the way from Taiwan and Hong Kong to perform ritual. The pool of water kept showing up in the living room, especially from midnight to 4 a.m.; the so called ‘witching hours’.


When every available spiritual source are exhausted, there were talks to sell the house as it seemed that the spirit was so powerful and not even the gods or demons could expel it. Some even suggested that the spirit in the house is the devil himself!


One day, my pal Mr. Lee who was an air-conditioning service engineer went to visit the house after receiving complaint from the house owner that the air-conditioning was not functioning properly. So Mr. Lee the engineer set an appointment and went to answer the call.


After a few rounds of checking, Mr. Lee said to the house owner: “There is nothing wrong with your air-cond. Only that, the blowers are set to blow at the roof causing the lower part of the living room received not enough air circulation… Not only that, the continuous air blowing onto the ceiling has caused condensation on the master bedroom… Since the air-conditioning was functioning almost 24 hours, the ceiling felt below the dew point temperature of its surrounding and water collected gradually on the bedroom floor…”


According to Mr. Lee, as soon as the house owner heard his words, his face turned blush and spanked the back of his head with his right palm while exclaiming: “Oh my God! I spent all my money on all those buckers and nearly sold my house cheap!”


Hmm… you must be thinking why the basic scientific knowledge we learnt in our primary school didn’t strike the brains of all the spiritual human beings huh?


  1. here my own story,
    1]Every night, there's knocking sound at tens of minutes interval, sound like someone knocking on the wall on purpose..[kok,kok,kok,kok].. It is quite creepy at midnight..After a few irritating night, I found that the old REFRIGERATOR trembling when it start its freezing funtion, and will knock on the wall since I had push it to touch the wall few days previously...HAHAHA .
    2] Every night before bed around midnight, I would search for the pesky mosquitoes, so there will BAM, BUNG, BANG when I slap them against the wall,...Then there a newly wed couple moved in to the house next door, the hubby always home late, and few weeks later they move away without a word, and looked scary! hahaha, oh,I am sorry for it.

    1. Thanks for sharing... those are good ones. Hahaha